Our Mission

Clarity's mission is to Help homeowners make better decisions about their mortgage.©
We strive to achieve this by connecting homeowners with mortgage professionals and providing both the homeowners and professionals with access to the best mortgage software in the world.

Loan Officer Data Protection Guarantee

Our mission is to help you grow your business, not take your data. We won't sell your data to your competitors. We won't compete with you by offering loans to your clients.
If you choose to leave Clarity, we still won't sell your data. We will send homeowners up to two curtesy emails and/or two curtesy texts letting them know their Mortgage Monitor sponser is leaving Clarity. At this time they may elect to join Clarity independently.
Read our Terms Of Use for full details about using our software.

Homeowner Data Protection Guarantee

When you sign up for Clarity we share your data and contact info with a single set of professionals (1 loan officer, 1 real estate agent, 1 financial advisor, 1 tax advisor, 1 insurance advisor) who are paying customers of Clarity that meet our high standards. One major benefit of Clarity is being able to connect with local professionals to discuss your mortgage and financial decisions. These professionals may change at anytime. You have the power to change your loan officer within the app to another loan officer who is using our application. You may unsubscribe at anytime. Doing this will hide all your data and contact info from any of the above professionals who had access to your data and/or contact info.
Read our Terms Of Use for full details about using our software.