3 Ways a Refinance Comparison Calculator Helps You Build Trust

Implementing an automated mortgage refinance comparison calculator like Clarity Quote provides several distinct advantages for loan officers – all of which can help you quickly and easily improve your bottom line.

Not only will you be able to accomplish more with fewer resources, but your ability to deliver superior service will help you build trust with both existing clients and prospects. These are just three ways our mortgage comparison calculator can help you accomplish this important objective, quickly and affordably.

Refinance comparison calculator

No. 1: Provides Clear, Reliable Information

One of the biggest sticking points for loan officers and mortgage brokers is how to best present the information you need to share with your refinance prospects. Many of the most experienced loan officers still deliver financing options verbally, without any digital follow up.

Clarity Quote provides every tool you need to deliver elegant and interactive refinance quotes instantly. Our refi comparison scenarios are mobile friendly and interactive, complete with amortization schedules, comparison calculations, interactive charts and more.

No. 2: Establishes Your Credibility

How often do your prospects and clients randomly click on emails and targeted ads that, ultimately, are a waste of their time? Digital ads (and sometimes, still, print ads or direct mail marketing) typically drag responders down a rabbit hole that requires them to provide personal information before getting the information they want – typically refi rates. Ultimately, once they’re already on someone else’s e-blasts list, they don’t get what they’re looking for anyway.

When you send information via Clarity Quote, your targets will have every piece of data they’re looking for, right at their fingertips. You will look like the experienced professional that you are, and your clients and prospects will recognize that immediately.

No. 3: Keeps You in Touch

The long-held marketing “Rule of 7” says even qualified prospects must, on average, hear your message seven times before making a purchasing decision. In today’s digitally focused world, that rule doesn’t always apply. However, the psychological basis behind this adage remains valid today.

Few people make the decision to purchase upon first contact, especially in the home mortgage industry. Ongoing interactions with prospects send a powerful message that you’re here, you are monitoring the market to get them what they need, and you will continue to be provide them with valuable information.

Clarity Quote automatically sends Monthly Mortgage Monitors, keeping your brand and contact information in the forefront of their mind – even when the market’s numbers don’t yet make sense for the client – and sharing other valuable information that they can use.

If you aren’t already using mortgage monitoring software, take a moment to explore Clarity Quote. We offer a free, no-obligation trial, so you can see for yourself just how much this powerful application can benefit your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative mortgage refinance comparison calculator and how it can help you build your client base, or sign up for your free trial now.